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About Us

Welcome to our home away from home. The Campground House is owned and operated by the Suhling Family. We have occupied on the property for nearly 80 years. From 1970-1988 the current property was a bustling Campground that offered RV and tent camping. The main house was the hub of all entertainment from meals to games. It was later converted to include bedrooms and what is now currently the rental property. 

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In 2016, it was decided by my family and myself to restore the old Campground House location into a vacation getaway and event venue.   My immediate Suhling family includes my wife Danita, son Brad and his wife Lindsey, my daughter Erica and her fiancé P.J. McAllister. We also decided this would become a project that we would all work together on and enjoy as a family. 

Since our opening, guests have inquired about where the light fixtures and other handmade barn wood items have come from.  Once you enter the driveway where our farm house sits, there was a very large and nostalgic barn constructed in 1900 by neighborhood farmers, which was the custom back then. In 2013, the old barn was hit by a tornado and although some of it was left standing, it could not be repaired. Instead of losing all that history, Brad, Erica, Lindsey, and myself reclaimed as much of the barn wood and contents as possible.  Since then, I have used the old wood to create barn wood items including light fixtures, bathroom décor, the wall entertainment center, tables and the outhouse located northwest of the Campground House. 

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